Please ensure that your profile is completed with all of your contact info, or your account info will be considered incomplete and won by an ineligible player. Thus, we will not be able to process your prizes until you complete all of your profile information.

All players who win a non-cash prize on our site for the first time will be required to complete an Age Verification Affidavit, verifying their age and identity. You will receive a link to the affidavit within 2 business days of winning your first prize with us. Please fill this form out. You only need fill it out once, then you are all set to receive future prizes. If you do not receive an affidavit after 2 business days, please check your spam or junk-mail folder to ensure it didn’t end up there on accident. If still no email, please submit a support ticket or shoot us an email directly at and we will get you squared away. 

Some merchandise and experiential prizes will require you to submit a W9 to us to receive your prize. If your prize falls under this category, we will proactively reach out to you and request any documents we require of you.

For cash prizes, the only requirements for withdrawal are 1) a completed profile and 2) a valid processing account (Paypal) linked to your poker account. You'll be prompted to link your account to a processor once you've won a cash prize and selected it for withdrawal. Please note that all cash prizes expire 90 days from the date won so ensure you withdraw within this timeframe.