Please see our announcement here regarding the current inability to withdraw your cash prize(s).

All cash prizes are processed via our third-party online payment provider, Paypal. If you’ve won a cash prize it is reflected in the “$” balance at the top of the app:

Click this link to view your cash history. Then, select the "Cash" tab (1), choose the date range in which the prize was won (2), check the box to select the unpaid prize (3), and then click the “Withdraw Cash” button (4):

You will be prompted to link your poker account to either Dwolla or Paypal account by signing in to the respective processor from the poker app:

If you have not yet created aPaypal account then you can register a new account with either processor to link to your poker account. We will NOT ask for the password for your processing account; this sensitive information is passed directly to the processors' servers during the linking process:

Paypal account example:

Once your poker account is successfully linked to either Paypal, all available cash prizes can be immediately withdrawn to your account with either linked processor:

After you've linked your account for the first time, you must repeat the process of choosing the date range in which the prize was won, checking the box to select the unpaid prize, and then clicking the “Withdraw Cash” button. You will not have to repeat the linking process more than once. Once your poker account is linked with a payment service, it cannot be unlinked. Furthermore, a unique payment account (Paypal) can only be linked to one poker account. 


Please note that cash prize status is only “Available” and eligible for withdrawal for 90 days from the date the prize was won. If you fail to claim your prize within 90 days of winning it then the prize status will become “Expired” and no longer available for withdrawal. 

If you have won a merchandise prize with us, we will send your prize to the address you have on file in your profile, so please be sure to fill out and keep this info updated in your profile!